Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara

After hearing so many good things about Benefit mascaras, I really wanted to try them for myself. When I got this mascara, I tried it straight away. In my opinion, this particular mascara has both positives and negatives. As with most things, it's really all down to personal preferences, so what may not be for me, you may totally love, and visa versa.

Packaging - The packaging for this mascara is really striking - hot pink, black, and white. I love the details in the packaging of Benefit products, so I expected nothing less.

Application - I really like the wand of the BADgal mascara, but for me, the formula is a big letdown. I found that it smudges quite easily and flakes off during the day. Another thing I found was that even after 3 coats, it still looks very 'natural'. In fact, I actually think that it looks too 'natural'. Every time that I wore it, you wouldn't even know that I was wearing mascara. Benefit claims that this mascara will make your lashes look 'voluptuous, voluminous, and beyond-black', but if I'm going to be honest, it didn't really do anything for me, other than leave noticeable black smudges under my eyes - definitely not what I want from a mascara!

Price - There are two options available - travel-sized mini and full sized. I have the mini mascara which retails at €12 for 4 grams. The full-sized retails at €23 for 8.5 grams. Personally, I'd go with the mini as mascara tends to dry out quite quickly, and it's generally recommended that you replace your mascara every three months.

Conclusion - Honestly, this mascara just didn't work for me. Although I really liked the wand, the formula was a huge letdown. It may work better if used with an eyelash primer. You may have tried this mascara and thought that it was amazing, but unfortunately, it wasn't the case for me.

Where to buy? - You can buy this mascara from pretty much anywhere that sells Benefit cosmetics. Debenhams, Boots, and Feel Unique just to name a few.

Rachel x

Benefit 'BADgal' Lash Travel Sized Mini Mascara
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Benefit 'BADgal' Lash Mascara
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