bareMinerals Dirty Detox Mud Mask

I take my skincare routine very seriously. As The Skin Nerd says, your skin is an organ, and you should care for it accordingly. That means different things for different people. For me, it means caring for my skin by only using natural products that will be kind and gentle.

Admittedly, I am 100% a bareMinerals addict. I never managed to find a face mask that worked for me until I tried a sample of the Dirty Detox mask in Brown Thomas. After trying it and seeing the immediate results, my search for a face mask ended.

Packaging - As always, bareMinerals have nailed it with their packaging. The exterior box is white and fresh, while the container itself is a sturdy khaki green container, a white lid with a gold/rose gold inset, and clear white print. Obviously, in my eyes, bareMinerals can do no wrong, but their packaging is seriously cute.

Application - With this mask, a little goes a long way. I bought my container back in October/November. I use it once a week, and it's still half full. A small, plastic spatula comes with the mask to apply it without getting it under your nails, etc. I also purchased the Mask Essentials kit which contains an application brush and a black waffle-textured face cloth to remove the mask. They don't sound like much, but they're both great. The Mask Smoothing Brush spreads the mask so evenly and perfectly. After 10-15 minutes, I wash the mask off using the waffle-textured face cloth which gently yet effectively removes every trace. I have left it on for up to an hour, but because it is so gentle, it has never once left my skin feeling dry or irritated.

The Sciencey Stuff - The Dirty Detox mask contains four mineral-rich clays, charcoal, and payapa enzyme, which gently yet thoroughly cleanse and purify your skin, leaving you with a fresh, healthy glow.

Results - For me, the results are always immediate and noticeable. My skin is noticeably softer, smoother, clearer, and so fresh and healthy looking (and feeling). I also find that this mask keeps blackheads to a minimum. I never experienced acne (thank God), but I do occasionally get the odd spot on my forehead or chin. I immediately cover the spot with this mask, and usually, it has more or less disappeared by the next day.

 Price - The Dirty Detox mask retails at €38 for 50ml which isn't overly expensive considering how long one container lasts. The Mask Essentials kit retails at €17. It is recommended that you replace your kit every six months. Washing your brush with warm water after every use and allowing it to air dry will maintain its condition. I also handwash my face cloth with mild laundry detergent and warm water after every use.

Where to buy? - I buy all my makeup and skincare from Brown Thomas because I find that their staff are well-trained and so helpful - their customer service is truly second to none. I would recommend going to one of the Brown Thomas stores to talk to a bareMinerals representative.

Rachel x
bareMinerals Dirty Detox Mud Mask 50ml
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  1. This sounds amazing, I would love to try it. Loving the brush too

    1. You definitely should - it's saving my skin in this hot weather at the moment!
      Rachel x

  2. Well written. I really looking for these kinds of posts for a long time. Thank you for sharing with us.


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