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I am delighted to announce that I am now part of the Welly Merck team! I never dreamt that I would ever be given an opportunity like this. For those of you who don't know, Welly Merck is a luxury fashion watch brand from Switzerland. If you haven't heard of them before, let me tell you, you are missing out big time. I had never heard of them until they contacted me, and I am so glad they did. I had been considering buying a watch for quite some time, and after reading their About Us page, how could I say no? 

As part of my collaboration with Welly Merck, they have given me a discount code for all my followers to receive 15% off your entire order. Use my code 'RACHEL15' at the checkout to avail of this discount. There is free worldwide shipping on all orders.

I am amazed by the amount of thought and detail that is put into the design of each and every Welly Merck watch. They have chosen to use a classic two-hand design, which creates such an elegant, modern watch face. Unlike any other watch that I have seen, the crown is at the four o'clock position, rather than the usual three o'clock position. This means that it won't dig into your wrist or arm, making it much more comfortable to wear. The face of the watch is sapphire crystal glass, which essentially means that it is almost impossible to scratch. I appreciate the fact that the cases and mesh straps are of high-quality stainless steel, which means that they won't ever rust. 
When I was choosing my watch, my initial concern about a mesh strap was that there would be excess strap dangling and catching on everything. To my delight, Welly Merck has cleverly designed the mesh strap so that the excess strap tucks neatly and comfortably on the inside, displaying one continuous, aesthetic band. Along with a very substantial and secure clasp, the mesh straps also have anti-slip locations to ensure that your watch won't ever loosen. The edges of the mesh straps are completely smooth, so there is no need to worry about snagging or pulling your clothes. To the best of my knowledge, all Welly Merck watches are water resistant up to 5 ATM, which is equivalent to 50 metres. The batteries can last up to three years. All Welly Merck watches also come with a three year warranty.

Another thing I love about Welly Merck watches is how easy it is to customize and personalize them. There is such a wide choice of straps, styles, and colours available which means that there is something to suit everyone's individual taste and coordinate with your entire wardrobe. It's unbelievably easy to change the watch straps. In my opinion, it's easier than clasping bracelets and necklaces. I have seen that some other watch brands require a tool to change their straps, but Welly Merck is by far the easiest I have seen, requiring no tools. You may think that because the straps are so easy to change they may be insecure, but honestly, I feel that they're as secure as any other watch, if not more. My favourite touch of personalization, though, most definitely has to be the option of having the back of your watch case engraved. When I saw this option, I knew that I was most definitely getting my watch engraved, and I think that it is money well spent. A customized gift has the potential to mean so much more because it shows that there was extra thought put into the gift, making it such a precious keepsake. There are several engraving ideas available here.

The way that Welly Merck watches are presented displays the quality that goes into each and every part of what they create. Even the presentation boxes are created with such quality and modern elegance, enhancing the beauty of their prestegious timepieces. I was so impressed while unpackaging my watch and straps as each one comes in its own individual box. The watch itself comes in a black leather box, with a cream leather interior. The straps are each presented in matte black boxes with a black velvet interior. They were almost too pretty to touch.

I chose the 'Classic New York R' watch which retails for about €150. It is a gorgeous, sleek 36mm rose gold watch with a pearly white dial and rose gold mesh strap. There is also a deep black dial option, but I personally favour the white. I decided to get two extra straps also, so I chose the black 'Classic Amsterdam' and the brown 'Classic Berlin', both with the rose gold buckles to match my watch case. Both of these straps retail for about €30 each and are genuine leather. The reason I chose the croc textured leather rather than the smooth leather is that, after a bit of wear, I think that the textured strap will be able to disguise any slight marks. Welly Merck so kindly sent me the 'Classic Tokyo' watch strap which is a lovely, comfortable nylon red and white striped strap. They even went to the trouble of ensuring that it also had the rose gold buckle to match my watch case, which I am absolutely delighted with. It retails at about €25. There are two size options for all straps, 18mm for ladies' and 20mm for gents', so I would advise double checking that you have selected your required size correctly. I also got the back of my watch case engraved with my initials 'R.H.C'. This optional extra costs about €30.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I think that a Welly Merck watch would be the perfect gift, especially one of their matching Couple Watches. You will save about €40 by buying one of their pre-made sets, which include a matching ladies' and gents' watch. If you are willing to spend an extra €40, my personal preference is to purchase a ladies' watch with the white dial in say, rose gold, and then a gents' watch in rose gold also, but with the black dial to distinguish between His and Hers. #CoupleGoals

If you have any questions about Welly Merck watches, please feel free to contact Welly Merck here. Over the process of organizing this collaboration, I have been in contact with so many of their representatives, and I have found that they are more than helpful and efficient. I am sure that they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

All prices that I have included in this blog post are excluding my 15% discount code 'RACHEL15'. This code is valid until 23 April, 2018.

Rachel x

Classic New York R
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Classic Amsterdam Strap
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Although this post is part of a collaboration, all opinions are my own, honest, and have not been influenced by a third party.

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