Steal My Style - Faux Leather Midi Skirt (Dressed Down)

If you read my last Steal My Style post (which you can read here), you will know that I promised to also post a dressed down take on my outfit. If you have been waiting for it, here it is! If not, why not read on anyway?

Although I would love to wear skirts and dresses and heels all day every day, sometimes it just isn't practical, nor is it a good idea. Sometimes you just have to be casual, and no, I'm not talking about sweatpants and hoodies kind of casual. By casual, I'm talking about a pair of jeans and nice trainers. Comfort without compensating too much on style? Sounds good to me! Because the coat and jumper of this outfit are the same, I will take parts from my last Steal My Style post.

As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely adore this Zara coat. I picked it up a while ago, and I've already worn it more times than I can count. Although at times I am not a great Zara lover, this coat was a no-brainer. One of the many things that I love about this coat is that there are concealed zips on either side so that I can choose whether I want side splits or not. Down to my own personal style, I like how there are no big, flappy lapels, just small, tidy ones, along with the fact that there are deep pockets and discreet buttons. I bought a size medium because I like the oversized look, and so that I can wear it over chunky knits without restricting the movement of my arms or have to worry about putting pressure on the seams. There are a lot of differences between my coat and the coat below, but it is the closest lookalike I could find on the high street.

Topshop Millie Relaxed Coat
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This H&M top is one I've had for a while, and I've got quite a lot of wear out of it. What I like about it is it's quite warm as it's a knit, but it's still very thin and figure-fitting. I love the femininity that the blush pink adds to the classy grey, creamy white, and black - it just goes with every outfit. It was unbelievably impossible to find a nice striped knitted top that resembled my one, so I opted for a plain pink ribbed top instead. Although it is very different, it would still compliment any outfit perfectly.

River Island Pink Brushed Rib High Neck Fitted Top
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As I mentioned in my Steal My Style - Faux Leather Jacket post which you can read here, these H&M jeans are one of my favourites. Lately, I've only really been wearing black jeans, and these are probably one of the pairs that I wear the most. I received them as a gift a few years ago, and although they're a size too big, they still fit pretty well because of how stretchy they are. Because they are high-waisted, they are super flattering and they make it so easy to tuck tops and jumpers in. My favourite place to buy jeans is probably Topshop, so I have linked a gorgeous black pair of their Joni jeans below.

Topshop MOTO Black Joni Jeans
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These Adidas trainers got a blog post of their own back in August which you can read here, so I'm sure that you can tell how much I love them. They're super comfortable and just my dream trainers in general. Fortunately, they are still in stock in a few sizes, so grab them while you can!

Adidas Court Vantage Trainers in snake iridescent
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This Guess bag is actually my mom's. I was going to the UCD Open Day the day that I wore this outfit, and because I knew that I would be piled up with literature, I needed a larger handbag to put some of the smaller leaflets into. Because one of the handles of the black handbag that I had intended on wearing broke, my mom's handbag collection was inevitably going to be raided (sorry mom!). My mom's bag is old stock, so I have found quite a similar Guess bag in their 50% off sale, which I have linked below.

Guess Devyn Shoudler Bag
Was €135  Now €67.50
Click to purchase

Another Steal My Style done and dusted! I hope you liked it!

Rachel x

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  1. I love your coat so much. It has such warm tones. Moreover, I am sure that it is very comfortable, isn't it? I would be thankful for the answer.


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