bareMinerals Bare Naturals and Bare Sensuals Eyeshadow Palettes

As anyone that knows me will already know, I am absolutely obsessed with bareMinerals. When I first heard about the Bare Naturals and Bare Sensuals eyeshadow palettes, I just knew that I wasn't going to be able to resist them. The next time I went shopping in Cork city, I headed straight for Brown Thomas, naturally. I will divide this post into smaller sections, as I did with my Kylie Lip Kits post (which you can find here), discussing everything you need to know before you purchase your own palette(s).

Packaging - I can't get over how pretty and aesthetically pleasing the packaging of these palettes are. The boxes are super cute - matte black with metallic-y nude writing for the Bare Naturals and metallic-y rose gold writing for the Bare Sensuals. Inside, there is a little card in each with three 'looks' that can be created, and the numbers of the shadows used, which is super handy if you're a little inexperienced in regards to which colours blend nicely and what area each shade would suit best, etc.

The palettes themselves are gorgeous. Glossy black with writing identical to their boxes. The palettes are understandably rather heavy as there is a full-sized mirror. Another reason for their weight is the fact that the palettes themselves are good and sturdy - perfect for travelling. They also both come with a double-ended eye brush, one side for applying the shadow to the lid, the other for blending it. Although it is smaller than the standard size brush, it works just as well.

Shades - There are 14 shades in each palette - a mix of both matte and shimmery. The Bare Naturals palette is inspired by the Californian coast, so it's focused a lot on beige. There is also a beautiful shade of metallic blue, which can be a beauty faux pas, I know. When I was purchasing my palette, I asked the bareMinerals representative in Brown Thomas Cork how she would suggest using a blue eyeshadow without it looking like you're still stuck in the 2000s, and she suggested using it as an eyeliner using the stiff angled side of the bareMinerals Brow Master BrushThe Bare Sensuals palette is entirely rose gold orientated, so there is a broad spectrum of light, almost-cream to rich, deep plum - and everything in between. The great thing about having both palettes like I do makes the variety of looks that can be created far more extensive than with just one palette - just another reason to treat yourself.

Application - I honestly think that bareMinerals doesn't get enough credit. I know that there are so many other amazing makeup brands out there, but how many of them are completely natural, giving back to your skin every time you wear makeup? Their eyeshadows are no exception! They blend beautifully, the pigmentation is spot on, the fall-out is next to none, and lasts for up to 12 hours. What more could you ask for?

The Sciencey Stuff - As I mentioned before, bareMinerals always gives back to your skin. These eyeshadows use a clever technology called SeaNutritive Mineral Complex which reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. The Bare Naturals palette is also enriched with borage oil, caffeine, and cucumber ingredients to revitalize the eye area, making it softer and smoother.

Price - The bareMinerals Bare Naturals and Bare Sensuals palettes retail at €45 each, which, I think, is pretty reasonable seeing as their total value is €105 each. That's a saving of €60! When you compare them to some other palettes, the price is even more appealing. Who doesn't love a good bargain?

Conclusion - I'm so impressed with these palettes' versatility, quality, and affordability. bareMinerals has really done it again. You can't go wrong with either of these palettes, especially due to rose gold trending so much right now and nudes and beiges being such a go-to staple. If I had to pick just one, I would have serious difficulty because they're both exceptionally gorgeous. In saying that, I feel as though the Bare Naturals is a perfect autumn/winter palette, and the Bare Sensuals is amazing for spring/summer.

Where to buy? - I buy all my makeup from Brown Thomas because I find that their staff are well-trained and so helpful - their customer service is truly second to none. I would recommend going to one of the Brown Thomas stores to talk to a bareMinerals representative and try some swatches. I am confident that you will fall even more in love with it in reality - photos just simply don't do them justice. If you know that you're going to love them regardless, they can also be purchased online directly from the Brown Thomas website. As far as I am aware, both of these palettes are limited editions, so grab them while you can.

Rachel x

bareMinerals Bare Naturals Eyeshadow 14.0 Palette
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bareMinerals Bare Sensuals Eyeshadow 14.0 Palette
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  1. It can be so difficult to choose a good palette for yourself, glad that I read your blog and you always share something incredible with us.


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