Micro Cell 2000 Try Me Kit

This is my third and final post on products that I received from KLM Beauty. You can read my first post about Australian Bodycare here, and the second one about Billion Dollar Brows Brows here. The final product that I'm reviewing is the Micro Cell Nail Repair Try Me Kit. This kit contains Nial Repair Remover, Nail Repair, Nail Wonder, and Colour Repair in the shade 'Raspberry Kiss'.

I love all things nails, so I couldn't wait to try this kit out. As someone who has brittle nails, I was excited to see if this would really work. In some ways, I thought that a nail varnish having the ability to strengthen and repair your nails while looking like a regular polish was too good to be true. The only way to find out was to try it, and that's just what I did. Because there are four products in the kit, I'm going to talk about each of them separately as each of them have different uses, etc.

Nail Repair Remover - This was one of the things I was most intrigued about. A nail varnish remover that doesn't contain acetone? I had never experienced that before, so I was unsure what to expect. I can honestly say that this remover exceeded all of my expectations. It removed every trace of colour in more or less one wipe, and it didn't leave my nails feeling dry after - definitely a first for me!

Nail Repair - I have tried base coats before, but for some reason, I found that it always made my nail varnish chip quicker. Like it's supposed to, this base coat prolonged the life of my perfect mani, and I won't complain about that - the colour is gorgeous. The Nail Repair is actually designed to be a treatment to be used in conjunction with the Nail Repair Remover - apply one layer each day for two days, on the third day, remove it all, and repeat. In doing that, the protein molecules will repair your nails while giving you a luminous shine. The Nail Repair also won the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016.

Nail Wonder - This little bottle really is small and mighty! It was specifically designed to be a nail varnish for prophylaxis and a top coat that dries instantly, a sealer to make your mani last longer, a colour refresher for more shine and freshly painted optic, and as a ridge filler for nail grooves and small dry unevenness. I know that it seems an awful lot of tasks for one bottle to tackle, but it really does what it says!

Colour Repair - Is it really possible to have salon perfect nails using a polish that is repairing and strengthening your nails while giving you a glam, glossy colour? I would have thought no, but this little beauty now makes it possible. This formula is enriched with silicon, calcium, green algae, and a special “Diamond Gloss”. I was delighted to find that this nail polish has next to no drying time, dries with a gorgeous, glossy shine, and is long-lasting and chip-resistant - everything I want in a nail polish. I received the shade 'Raspberry Kiss' which is absolutely perfect for the autumn and winter months. The only fault I have found that the shade range is really only focused around reds, pinks, burgundys, browns, and nudes. Although there is a wide range of undoubtedly gorgeous shades, I would love to see a bigger variety of colours available, but maybe that's yet to come. Who knows?

I know it sounds cliché, but this sample kit has honestly exceeded all of my expectations. Although I couldn't wait to try it, I couldn't help but also think, "I've never heard of this brand, surely if it was good, I would have heard of it before". Now I'm here like, "How is everyone not raving about this brand?" Go ahead and 'treat yo self'.

Rachel x

Micro Cell 2000 Try Me Kit
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