Steal My Style - Faux Leather Jacket

Welcome to my first 'Steal My Style' post! I know that the title is rather self-explanatory, but basically, it's a post about how to re-create a certain look of mine that I have worn recently. For the record, most of the pieces featured will be discontinued pieces from previous seasons that are not available anymore, but I will try my best to find affordable lookalikes.

Black is classy and it gives a good base to any outfit, but until a few months ago, you would never catch me wearing it (other than black leggings). Ever. I thought it was dull, dreary, and drab. Thankfully, my style has changed a lot in the past 6 months to a year. That is, if you would even say that hoodies and leggings are style. Truthfully, I wouldn't put the words hoodies and leggings in the same sentence as the word style anymore. Thankfully, I copped myself on, and I now look some bit presentable (I think).

To date, this is definitely one of my favourite autumnal outfits. I used black as my base (when don't I?) and gave a rather obvious nod to the season with the oak jumper and tan jacket. The faux fur collar seemed to just finish it off perfectly while making a firm autumnal statement. Can you tell how much I love emphasizing the fact that it is finally autumn?

So here's a run-through of my outfit. This Izabel London jacket is one that I have had for quite a while, but I have never worn it before as I was not sure how I felt about it. The time I received it as a gift, it was definitely not something that I would have chosen myself. Now that my sense of style has changed drastically (for the better), I can honestly say that I love it. It will definitely be getting a lot more outings than I originally thought. Unfortunately, it seems that this specific style of jacket is quite difficult to find, and I had to compromise on either the fur, the belt, or black instead of the tan. My opinion is that the tan colour sort of switches things up rather than the regular black leather jacket that we see mostly these days. I decided that the belt was just a nice detail, and it didn't really make or break the outfit, so it was the least loss. Although the jacket below has a lot more faux fur than mine and is a much lighter colour, it is the closest lookalike I could find.

River Island Stone Faux Fur Biker Trim Jacket
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This jumper is one I picked up in the MandM Direct sales, reduced from €39.95 to €9.95 last year. It's originally from Vila, and it has a delicate, cream, lace-trimmed hem. I was originally planning on cutting off the lace and just having a plain jumper, but I decided not to in case it ever grew on me and I regretted it. I love how the oak colour is so autumnal and it compliments the rest of my autumn wardrobe so effortlessly. As most knitted jumpers are, it is super cozy and flattering. The jumper below is the closest lookalike I could find.

Vero Moda Casual Knitted Pullover Cedar Wood
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These H&M black jeans are probably one of my favourites. I received them as a gift a few years ago, and I adore them. They're very stretchy, so although they're a size too big, they still fit pretty well. My only issue with them is that the hems aren't as tight as I would like, so I just wear them with ankle boots during the winter or turn them up with a pair of trainers or sneakers during the summer. Because they are high-waisted, they are super flattering and they make it so easy to tuck tops and jumpers in. My go-to for jeans is usually Topshop, so I have linked a gorgeous black pair of their Joni jeans below.

Topshop MOTO Black Joni Jeans
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These Office boots are my all-time favourites. On the day that I wore this outfit, I wore them for at least 9 hours and they're super comfortable. They are a staple in my wardrobe these days - I literally wear them all the time. Heeled ankle boots, especially black ones, are pretty much a necessity for autumn and winter. Although these specific boots aren't genuine leather, I find that they wear amazingly well. I bought mine in January this year, and although they're my go-to shoe, they're still in perfect condition. I previously blogged about them in my All Things Heels and My Favourite AW Classics blog posts. Can you tell how much I'm obsessed with them? Fortunately, these boots are still available instore and online, so grab them while you can. (Psst, Office currently has 20% off for students rather than the usual 10%)

Office Limit Chunky Chelsea Boots Black
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My mom bought this River Island bag for me a while ago, and again, this was the first time that I've worn it. I have intended to wear it a few times, but it just seemed to overpower my outfit rather than compliment it. I thought that it went quite well with this outfit, so I decided to give it its first outing. After a while, it did get quite heavy, but then again, I am known to overpack literally all the time. The bag below is the closest lookalike I could find.

Carvela Diana Winged Tote Handbag with Shoulder Strap Black
Was €90  Now €65
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Et voilĂ . A complete 'Steal My Style'. There will hopefully be more of these sort of posts every so often if I can get someone to take outfit photos. As for what I bought in Pandora, that will be revealed at a later date.

Rachel x

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