My Favourite AW Investment Pieces

Call me weird, but I love autumn and winter, especially the unlimited outfit opportunities that come with the cooler weather. I absolutely love the winter trends. All the camel coats, knits, heeled boots, and scarves. That's what a winter girl's dreams are made of. If you're like me, you probably have a wardrobe full of classic, timeless pieces that you'll wear year after year, rather than a bunch of 'fast fashion' items that you may get to wear just once. I am much more of the opinion that investing in timeless pieces is a much better buy because they will last you for years. I have brought together some of my favourite classics for Autumn/Winter and found them at great prices on the high street - just so you don't have to. 

Heeled Ankle Boots

Anyone that knows me knows that I love my heeled ankle boots. I am obsessed. But then again, how could I not be? They're amazing. Although there are so many choices in regards to the style, colour, and heel height. I personally think that for shoes that you're going to wear again and again, leather or faux leather is the best option. Sure, velvet and suede are nice, but with the Irish weather, you'll probably get a solid one season out of them. Watermarks really are a killer. Not such a wise purchase, eh? Unless they are a bargain in the sale. Who could say no to a good bargain?

I chose black, chunky, mid-heeled Chelsea boots. You're probably thinking, "Why so boring when you had so many other options?" Well, they're practical, yet stylish. They also give a bit of extra bit of leeway to accessorise. Besides, who doesn't love a good, classic black boot? The first pair I have chosen is the pair that I personally have. (Psst, they also come in grey and khaki) Did I mention that they're super comfortable and I can wear them for an entire day of shopping? (Yes, that's what dreams are made of) I also have a gorgeous pair of tan suede boots too, but they don't get as many outings for the simple reason that I don't like wearing them out in the rain, which, in Ireland, is pretty common. *sigh*

Below are some of my favourite heeled ankle boots that I came across online:

Office Limit Chunky Chelsea Boots Black
Click to purchase

KG Kurt Geiger Sicily Boots Grey
Was €185 Now €115
Click to purchase

Carvela Sherbert Boots Black
Was €205 Now €50
Click to purchase

Carvela Slim Boots Red
Was €215 Now €115
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I mean, who doesn't love a good old knitted jumper? Cozy? Check. Comfortable? Check. Perfect for hiding the fact that you ate too much chocolate? Check. (Who needs a bikini body anyway?) Knits are so effortless too, throw one on with jeans and ankle boots and you're ready to go. I also love oversized open cardigans - so cosy. It also gives you an opportunity show off your fave tee, especially if it has a sassy slogan.

I tend to buy most of my knits from Topshop. They last reasonably well, look good, and feel good. Who could say no? Although I am yet to pull them out this year, I am fairly tempted. I find that knits are probably one of the hardest wardrobe staples to keep looking brand new because they have a tendency to bobble. I recommend avoiding shops such as Primark and going for the better quality (even though they're more expensive) ones such as River Island, H&M, Zara, and Topshop. You can be guaranteed that your money is much better spent on a piece that will last far longer.

Below are some of my favourite knits that I came across online:

Superdry Soraya Rib Cardigan Grey
Click to purchase

Miss Selfridge Satin Tie Back Knitted Jumper Camel
Click to purchase

H&M Knitted Wool Jumper Red
Click to purchase

Topshop Crop Jumper Red
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Camel Coat

The classic camel coat. Probably one of the most versatile coats ever. Who doesn't have one in their wardrobe? It definitely has to be a huge autumn winter staple. It's the coat donned by a huge amount of celebrities. What's not to love?

I personally think that oversized is better, hence why I recently bought an oversized Zara camel coat. It makes a statement while being practical to permit chunky knits to be worn underneath. I can definitely see that the price-per-wear will be a matter of cents by the end of this season. I also have a fitted ASOS camel coat, which, truthfully I don't get enough wear out of. Because I tend to wear knitted jumper so much, it's too tight. Hopefully, I'll get more wear out of it this season because it really is a fab coat.

This wouldn't be a complete classic camel coat post without the one and only, Burberry coat. I know it is definitely a financial stretch, but it's an investment. Although it's hard trying to justify purchasing a coat of that price, there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking, is there? It's truly a classic that will always be 100% timeless. The extremely high quality also ensures you that you will get a lifetime of wear out of it, all while making you look fabulous.

When buying a coat, you want it to last for many years, especially if it is an investment piece. I suggest getting natural materials such as wool or cashmere, even though they are considerably more pricey. In the long run, you will have a coat that wears much better, keeps its shape, and doesn't form bobbles. It is also important to think quality over quantity. Would you rather one good quality coat to last you for years, or many cheaper quality coats that you will no doubt have to repurchase possibly every year? In a matter of years, you may have even spent the cost of a Burberry coat on many cheaper ones.

Below are some of my favourite camel coats that I came across online:

Topshop Millie Relaxed Coat
Click to purchase

boohoo Poppy Oversized Collar Wool-Look Coat
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H&M Wool-Blend Coat
Click to purchase

Burberry Kensington Long Trench Coat
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Scarves are probably one of my favourite Autumn/Winter accessory, if not my most. They can so easily finish off an outfit so perfectly while keeping you oh-so-very toasty. You can effortlessly make a statement with them and add a splash of colour.

My personal preference would be checked. I find that it just keeps things more interesting in the sometimes rather drab colder months. I love the big and bulky scarves, they just really emphasize that it's the colder weather, which, if you haven't already realized by the length of this post, I love a lot.

Again, this wouldn't be complete without a classic Burberry scarf. I just love its classic design. The Burberry check is so distinctive, you really can't go wrong with it. I realize that it is an awful lot of money to spend on a scarf, but it truly is a classic, timeless piece. A true investment that simply oozes class and style.

Below are some of my favourite scarves that I came across online: 

Miss Selfridge Check Scarf Pale Pink
Click to purchase

Superdry Orkney Scarf
Click to purchase

Phase Eight Joni Check Scarf
Was €53 Now €26
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Burberry Classic Check Cashmere Scarf
Click to purchase

And there you have it! A complete list of all of my favourite Autumn/Winter classics.

Rachel x

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