Budget Bargains - Brave Soul Lace-Up Midi Dress

During the summer, what is better than throwing on a light dress and slipping on some comfy trainers? Nothing, right? The challenge in regards to this is finding a dress that is super light and cool without it looking too lazy and plain. My solution? The Brave Soul Lace-Up Midi Dress. From the back, it looks like your average casual, striped midi dress, but from the front, the lace-up detail gives it its own twist.

I purchased this dress in a Swamp store for €5, but unfortunately, it is not available on their website. I have found it on ASOS reduced to €20.27, which is over €15 more than what I paid. I really love this dress, and I personally still think that it is worth its price on ASOS because the material is good quality and thick, so it isn't see-through. If you find yourself passing by a Swamp store, definitely pop in and browse for it in the sale section.

Rachel x

Brave Soul Lace-Up Midi Dress
Was €33.78  Now €20.27

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