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Kylie Jenner. You either hate her or you love her. Unlike a lot of people, I personally am not very opinionated when it comes to celebrities, but you have to give credit where it's due, and wow. Kylie's lip kits are absolutely amazing! I originally wanted to get my hands on these lovelies just because, and when I finally did, what a happy girl I was! Unfortunately, because I didn't buy them directly from the Kylie Cosmetics website, I only had a choice of four matte shades, but me being me, I bought all four shades - Smile, Love Bite, Maliboo, and Mary Jo K. They were all matte so how could I go wrong? When they arrived, after the initial, 'Oh my! I've just bought four of Kylie's lip kits, I'm so cool!' excitement, I sat down to find out if they were really worth their price tag. So that I can clearly give my honest opinions on these lip kits, I will divide this into different sections - packaging, product, price, and my conclusion. I hope that it will be of some help to those who are considering purchasing a lip kit or two for themselves. Disclaimer - This is not an ad and the following are solely my honest opinions, Kylie isn't paying me to write this (I wish she was though lol)

Packaging - My first thought was that the boxes were pretty cool. Glossy, white, Kylie's signature lips-with-lipstick-running-off-them logo, her name in bold capitals. Simple, but enough to catch your eye. Plus, there was a super cute card from Kylie that is handwriting goals.

Lip Liner - The lip liner was a gorgeous matte black and felt good quality.

 Lipstick - Personally, I thought that the lid of the lipstick felt a little cheap and flimsy, but maybe that's just me. The sponge was very soft and applies the lipstick perfectly.

ProductThe texture is so smooth and creamy, such a step up from all lipsticks I have used before. It applies like a dream, so smooth and effortless. The pigmentation is spot on - so much colour in one swipe. 

Lip Liner - The pencil is so easy to use. You don't need to lean heavily or retrace your lips multiple times which it makes it super fast and pretty much foolproof.

Lipstick - Wow. Just wow. Super pigmented? Check. Almost everything else that you could possibly want from a lipstick? Check. My dreams have come true. I can finally wear lipstick without leaving prints on glasses, coffee cups, etc. After waiting for about thirty seconds for it to dry, I rubbed my finger over my lips. Nothing. Not a smudge. Although it doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, discovering that I could finally say that I had found a lipstick that didn't transfer literally made my day. Sad, I know. Unfortunately, as with a lot of matte lipsticks, my lips felt a little dry a few hours later when I took my lipstick off, but nothing major. Definitely not the driest that a lipstick has ever made my lips, but I would definitely suggest putting on a light application of lip moisturizer (I use the cocoa butter Vaseline) about half an hour before you put on your lipstick. Other than that, I could find no other fault.

Price - A matte Kylie Lip Kits cost $29, which is around €25. Considering that that is for both the lip liner and lipstick, it's pretty good. As I am sure you can gather if you have read this far, I am completely sold. The overall quality of these lip kits completely justifies their price. I would really recommend investing in a few...or a lot, you won't regret it, I promise. (Pssst, the free shipping is definitely an incentive)

Conclusion - Do I really need to say anything else? Buy lip kits and be happy, you deserve it xox

Rachel x

Unfortunately, 'Smile' was a limited edition
with all funds going to a charity,
so it is unavailable to purchase from the Kylie Cosmetics website.

Love Bite


Mary Jo K
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