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When you hear the word Pandora, what do you think of? Maybe it's the music app, but for me, it is most definitely the Danish jewellery company who creates gorgeous statement pieces. Once you make your first purchase of Pandora, you will instantly feel the quality and care put into each hand-crafted piece. All Pandora are genuine sterling silver, 14k gold, and plated 14k rose gold, sourced from the highest quality materials. One of the many things I like about Pandora jewellery is, depending on which style you're channelling, it can be either casual or dressy, all the while keeping its stylish feel. With Pandora charm bracelets and necklaces, it is possible to have a different look almost every day, just by swapping charms, etc. I would highly recommend getting a variety of charms, as it makes your options extensive. It also keeps your look fresh, which is a big plus. 

Although my collection began on my 16th birthday with a charm bracelet, charm, and two clips, I have added another charm and a safety chain. I intend on expanding my collection with more charms over time. A good deal of my jewellery to date is heart themed, as I feel that it is feminine yet modern, mature, and elegant. Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase from the Pandora website, but you can view the jewellery, the price, and the details regarding their make-up and materials.

Rachel x
Heart Clasp, Moment Silver Bracelet

Eternal Hearts Safety Chain
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Steady Heart Clip
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Loving Sentiments Charm
Club Charm 2016

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